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My research focuses on how self-insight can increase human effectiveness, ultimately with the goal of building a better us.  I believe that many scholars and members of our society have this same goal in mind, and they pursue it in the ways they know best. My approach takes a psychological lens, where I want to understand whether and how the psychology of "us" can lead to a better us.


When we think of cooperating with others, the typical assumption is that we help our groups (the ingroup) when threatened by another group (an "us v. them" mentality). I have begun testing whether we can support each other in the absence of an outgroup threat. Put another way, can we gain the benefits of an "us" without being threatened by a "them"? This research is being funded by the Government of Canada.



A summary of my research and speaking experience can be found in my curriculum vitae. You can download my papers from the Rotman School, ResearchGate, or To see the impact of my work, visit  Google Scholar or Researcher ID.

BUilding a Better Us

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